Get 4% Financing With Non-SBA Loan For Medical Professionals

Medical professionals, this opportunity is too good to pass up! Aggressive Lending recently helped a cardiologist out of a 7.5% variable rate into a 4.25% fixed rate with a non-SBA loan.

The doctor was using his house as additional collateral and struggling under the burden of the high variable rate. Once the cardiologist secured the non-SBA conventional loan, he went from paying $7,389 per month to $5,278 – a savings of more than $2,100 per month – and freed his house.

Aggressive Lending Can Finance

  • Dental practices
  • Veterinarians
  • Optometrists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • General medical practices
  • Cardiologists
  • Oncologists
  • Anesthesiologists
  • And other medical professionals

General Conventional Practice Structures

  • 10-year terms
  • 10 to 12-year amortizations (15-year AMS on a case-by-case basis)
  • On practice debt, we can finance up to 100% (85% to 90% of previous year gross aggregate revenue)
  • Fixed rates starting in the high 3’s
  • Prepays are declining but can be waived on a case-by-case basis

General Conventional Real Estate Structures

  • 10 Year terms (minimum)
  • 20 to 25-year amortization
  • Fixed rates starting in the low 4’s
  • Prepays are declining but can be waived on a case-by-case basis
  • Reasonable appraisal prices
  • Reasonable practice valuations (valuations are only needed for practice worth more than $1 million)
  • Fast turnaround times

Get Help With A Non-SBA Loan Today

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