Offering Your Customers Payment Options Will Benefit You Greatly

  • 80% of Your Customers Want Financing
  • No Waiting for Financing Payment
  • Payment Options Influence Decisions
  • Almost All Key Equipment Can Be Financed
  • Offering Financing Closes Sales Faster
  • Tailor Options to Your Customers Needs

Partnering with Aggressive Lending Will Increase Your Sales!

We Make It Simple to Offer Your Customers Payment Options

We Are a Trusted Industry Leader

We have an impeccable reputation for providing hassle-free financing for businesses nationwide, and for also being a dependable finance partner for sellers.

Aggressive Lending Makes It Quick & Easy for Your Customers

Offer your B2B customers more payment options through Aggressive Lending. It’s easier than you think and hassle-free.

We Will Help You Increase Sales

You close more sales, instead of losing them to funding delays or waiting for cash buyers to come along.

Our "Second Chance" Program

We even have programs for companies that have credit issues. We have developed a "Second Chance" equipment financing program to help these businesses.

Your Customers Get No-Hassle Equipment Financing While Your Sales Increase & You Get Paid In Full









How It Works

Here's How Easy It Is to Partner with Aggressive Lending

No Arbitrary Demands

No Arbitrary Demands

We do not demand that our finance partners meet some arbitrary annual volume requirement. In addition, we do not require a formal agreement. If you have a B2B customer base, the chances are very good you can offer credit through us.

We Handle Everything

We Handle Everything

We're easy for you to partner with. In fact, setting up an effective, sales-closing "get financing here" referral program can take as little as ten minutes. That is a big advantage in working with us – we are the lender. No middleman.

Approvals Are Fast

Approvals Are Fast

Ok, your customer likes what he or she sees and wishes to finance your product. They click the link in the email you sent and apply for financing directly on your website. In most cases, it's one simple application and we can issue a same-day approval.

You Get Paid Fast

You Get Paid Fast

Aggressive Lending pays its business equipment partners quickly. In most cases, we pay you in full via ACH or Bank Wire upon delivery and acceptance.

Payment Options Close Deals

  1. Offering Payments Will Destroy Sticker Shock, And Becomes a Closing Tool
    All equipment sellers hear “we can’t afford it” more than they should. That’s precisely why your competition quotes monthly payments - because it sells business equipment. Offering a financing option keeps you in the game, and closes more deals.
  2. Offering Payments Cuts Decision-Making Delays
    Payments expand purchasing power. It turns "Do we have the budget?" into "No-brainer".
  3. Offering Business Equipment Financing Increases Add-On Sales
    Monthly payments opens doors to additional options, add-ons, maintenance agreements, and more (and these add-ons can be financed as well).
  4. Payments = Convenience
    Your customers will love the ease and speed of Aggressive Lending’s business equipment financing. Your salespeople can have prospects complete our simple application right then and there.
  5. Your Competition Is Shut Out
    There is nothing better for your salesperson than showing great equipment (like yours), and then showing how it’s easily affordable. This eliminates shopping around. How much better will your salespeople do with this incredibly powerful tool at their disposal?

Aggressive Lending Provides Sale & Lease-Back Programs for Business Equipment

Sale & Leaseback Program

Need working capital for expansion? We, at Aggressive Lending Company, offer business finance programs that can convert the equity in your equipment to CASH! Re-financing with cash-out or sale-leaseback may be the right answer for your company’s growth. Sale-leaseback is a financial transaction where we buy your business equipment, then lease them back to you. Then, after the lease term, you can re-purchase the equipment with a purchase-option as low as $1.00.

The Buzz About Aggressive Lending Company

This Is One Business Owner's Positive Experience with Aggressive Lending Company

Small Business Loan with Little Collateral

Case Study

A buyer was interested in purchasing a small business, a maid service in Florida, and needed a loan, but was turned down multiple times by the banks. This small business consisted of a few vehicles, cleaning supplies and a client list. The banks were not interested in this type of SBA loan with little collateral… but Aggressive Lending Company was up for the challenge.

We were able to get this small business (soon to be owner) a pre-approved loan within 3 days! Here are the loan details:

  • 85% Loan to Value
  • $255,000 Loan Amount
  • 10 Year Term
  • 6% Interest Rate
  • NO Prepayment Penalty
  • NO Origination Fee
  • NO CapX Reserve Required
  • $30,000 Seller Note Was Also Allowed