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11 Reasons Why Commercial Installment Loans Could Be Your Best Friend or Only Salvation!

  1. Your Business is a Startup
    You’ve just started your business and have been turned down by banks that tell you, "We don’t do startups".
  2. No Cash-Flow
    You’re purchasing a business or property that does not have cash-flow on tax returns, so the banks won’t give you a line of credit.
  3. The Purchase Price is Not High Enough
    Lenders do not want to "waste their time" on a deal where the purchase price is considered too low.
  4. You Need Cash
    You want to purchase an investment property to flip and need cash for the purchase as well as materials.
  5. Expanding Your Business
    Your business is growing and you want to add equipment and staff, but you’ve been turned down for traditional financing.
  6. No Personal Collateral
    You don’t want to use personal assets such as your home to purchase the business or property.
  7. NO Hidden Fees
    You don’t want to pay the hidden fees associated with credit card or bank account lines of credit.
  8. Time Crunch
    You’re in a hurry to close the transaction within 2-4 weeks.
  9. Loan Terms of 5-7 Years
    We secure commercial installment loans that are not backed by any collateral, with loan terms of 5-7 years, making your payments very reasonable.
  10. Get Your Money Fast
    The money is in your account within 7 days or sooner with full liquidity.
  11. Low Interest Rates
    Fixed monthly payments with no upfront fees and interest rates between 5.49%-14%.

What is a Commercial Installment Loan?

Commercial installment loans are loans that are paid back in equal monthly installment payments that cover both the principal and interest. Installment loans are granted for all types of small business needs. When the contract is signed, you receive the full amount of the loan. The interest is based on the amount of time it takes to repay the loan, from the date you receive the money to the final date of repayment. If you repay the balance of the installment loan before its final date, there won't be any penalties and the appropriate adjustment of interest will be made.

With Aggressive Lending, you can get a commercial installment loan with competitive rates between 5.49%-14% with no collateral needed. Don’t worry, you won’t have to fill out long applications or provide tons of financial documents to get approved. We’ll get you the cash you need with just 2 simple requirements.

Get Cash for Your Business Without Collateral

BIG Savings

BIG Savings

Get a line of credit for $10k-$100K or more with a fixed rate as low as 5.49% APR (with AutoPay).

No Hidden Fees

NO Hidden Fees

There are never any hidden fees or pre-payment penalties. What you see is what you get.

Fast & Easy

Fast & Easy

Apply online or call 800-975-1691 today! You'll get approved and funded in 3-7 business days.

3 Simple Requirements

2 Simple Requirements

680+ personal credit score in all 3 bureaus (co-signers accepted) and a tax return or one month of pay stubs.

Popular Industries That Have Recently Qualified for a Commercial Installment Loan: