Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Financing

Aggressive Lending / PFC Commercial Group offers over 50 different commercial real estate financing and loan programs. We work with both owner-occupied or investor-owned properties. Here are just a few of the types of properties we can offer financing for:

  • Investment property loans
  • Apartment building loans
  • Multi-family
  • Office buildings
  • Mixed-use
  • Industrial
  • Retail financing
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Hotels and Motels (flag and non-flag)
  • Self-Storage Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Car Repair Facilities
  • Shopping Centers and Strip Malls
  • Single-Family Rental Properties

Employing advanced credit analysis, our team of experienced underwriters have creatively structured commercial mortgage transactions that were thought unfinanceable. We’re former small business owners and actual investors, not just bankers. We have actually owned, operated, managed, and invested in businesses ourselves. Aggressive Lending Company (ALC) isn’t about checking the boxes. Our actual investment experience gives us a real-life common-sense approach to underwriting which looks at the big picture. We see value in every property, business and its investor/borrower. After all, we know business owners and real estate investors deserve to tell their unique story also.

We have one mouth, but two ears for a reason. We’re eager to hear the details about your commercial real estate loan, because we know that’s where value is found – in the details. And because of our 50+ commercial mortgage lending programs we can provide the flexibility and options that real estate investors and business owners require. Our commercial loans consider three factors and match your needs with our broad spectrum of loan options:

  1. The real estate property
  2. The cash flow
  3. The borrower’s financial strength

Chicago Auto Store - commercial real estate loan

Success Story - After-Market Car Accessories Store

This auto accessory business was losing money fast. Aggressive Lending was able to secure 65% LTV and the use of a seller note of 10%. 30 year Amortization, 3 year fixed, and his rate was 8.49%. Read More » and see how we can help with your commercial real estate loan.