Commercial Truck Loans & Financing Features

  • New Purchases or Refinancing
  • Use existing Trucks to get Cash Out
  • Over 700 Credit qualifies for Premium Rates!
  • Up to 10 Year Terms
  • Rates as Low as 5.75%
  • Our Programs are for Owner-Operators or Multiple Truck Companies

We Help Businesses Achieve Commercial Vehicle Financing for

  • Tractor Loans
  • Dump Truck Financing
  • Tow Truck Financing
  • 18 Wheeler or Big Rig Truck Financing
  • Cargo Trailer Financing
  • Corporate Cars
  • And More

Sale & Lease Back Programs on Trucks

Need working capital for expansion? Aggressive Lending Company has commercial programs that can convert the equity in your trucks to CASH! Re-financing with cash-out or sale-leaseback may be the right answer for your company’s growth. Sale-leaseback is a financial transaction where we buy your trucks then lease them back to you. Then, after the lease term, you can re-purchase the trucks with a purchase-option as low as $1.00.

Commercial Startup Programs

Most financial institutions will not finance companies that are less than two years old and have no tax returns. If your business has just started up, or has only been in business for a short time, we have truck financing and loan programs that can help you get working capital.

Sub-Prime Borrowers

In these tough economic times many businesses have suffered financially. Additionally, the owners of these companies have seriously damaged their personal credit. We have developed a "second chance" commercial truck financing & loan program to help these companies. ALC can help you rebuild your credit scores and your company.

The owner of a trucking company has back taxes that are due from two years ago. The back taxes owed total $75,000. Because the client owes these taxes, his credit score suffered, resulting in a credit score of 550. He has been to five banks to get a loan. All requests were quickly declined to him, because of his credit score. Through a sale-leaseback he used the equity in his fleet of trucks to get the cash he needed to pay off his taxes. His credit score was not even a concern.