We'll Pay You A SUCCESS FEE For Each Deal

Our SUCCESS FEE Is 33% Of Our Commission

We know that you sometimes come across commercial real estate and business loans being in the residential mortgage business. You can’t or might not want to take on these commercial deals yourself, or have not had any success in the past. All you would have to do is refer those commercial deals over to us and we would pay you a SUCCESS FEE of 33% of our COMMISSION!

This amount of money can be rather substantial. We recently paid a mortgage broker - referral partner of ours $15,000 for a motel we closed just to give you an idea of the potential.

Don’t Take Our Word For It...

Read What Other Residential Mortgage Brokers Said About Our Program

I was paid a commission at close of over $4,000 and my client was able to buy four to five more properties and add about $3,000-$5,000 in extra cash flow per month. Everyone was happy!
Susan Larson - Community Mortgage, Wheaton, IL
Aggressive Lending was able to secure a 5 year fixed / 20 year amortized loan. My client paid off all his back property taxes, current property taxes, legal bills, credit cards and still had cash out he could use to buy another property if he chose. At close I received a check for $3,000 from the transaction. Everything went very smoothly once we were able to get all the documentation we needed from the borrower.
Walt Johnson - Fulcrum Financial, Naperville, IL

Advanced Underwriting Capabilities Of Aggressive Lending / PFC Commercial Group

We have the ability to truly uncover the hidden values of the properties and businesses we represent. At times this value is not necessarily clear on the surface. Our founding partner, Bill Brannen was the President of a specialized commercial lending subsidiary of The Northern Trust Bank and a professor at the University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Banking. He has the intellectual capabilities to understand and orchestrate a financial solution for some of the most complex commercial projects.