New Business Acquisition Funding

Purchasing a start-up business or franchise is a new experience and scary proposition for most people. So many moving parts are involved in a transaction like this. Also, so many questions surround it such as am I making the right decision? Is this the right time in my life? Is this the business for me? Will this business improve my current lifestyle? With all this swirling in your head at once, the last thing you want to worry about is structuring a plan to finance the business. That is why you should not have to.

Allow our 50+ business loan programs and years of experience at these transactions work for you. Aggressive Lending Company can effectively structure and orchestrate the complete capitalization of your business from start to finish. We will be by your side throughout the whole process from the pre-qualification to the closing. Our services have really been proven to be invaluable especially in today’s tough startup or franchise funding environment. ALC are your direct link to the lenders who are actually giving out business loans!

Employing advanced credit analysis, our team of experienced underwriters have creatively structured transactions that were thought unfinanceable. We’re former small business owners and actual investors, not just bankers or brokers. Aggressive Lending have actually owned, operated, managed, and invested in businesses ourselves. Aggressive Lending-PFC Commercial Group isn’t about checking the boxes. Our actual investment experience gives us a real-life common-sense approach to underwriting which looks at the big picture. We see value in every business and its investor/borrower. After all, we know business owners deserve to tell their unique story.

For business acquisitions without real estate, the term is typically 10 years with an interest rate between 4.75%-5.75%.

For business acquisitions with real estate, the term typically is 25 years with an interest rate between 4.75%-5.75%.

new business loan for laundromats Chicago

Success Story - Million Dollar Laundromat Acquisition

Utilizing our knowledge and creativity in Advanced Credit Analysis, we uncovered the actual cash flow value of this laundromat startup business. Aggressive Lending also lined up a lender who could do an equipment-only loan for 10 years at 5.75%! Learn More »