Try Aggressive Lending Commercial Financing Options!

Let's face it, usually the banks will only fund your business as long as you can prove to them you don’t need it! Access to working capital has been tougher to come by and the hoops that many institutions require you to jump through in the application process can border on ridiculous. Some banks have even placed some commercial industries such as retail, manufacturing, transportation, and many others on a "DO NOT FUND" list.

Where do you go? What commercial financing options are available? How can you expand your business? How can you even get started? Aggressive Lending / PFC Commercial Group has been that beacon of light for businesses just like yours for over 25 years. We truly want to get this economy moving again. When most lending institutions are talking the talk when it comes to small business funding, Aggressive Lending (ALC) is walking the walk.

At Aggressive Lending / PFC Commercial Group we pride ourselves on the advanced underwriting capabilities we have to truly uncover the hidden values of the businesses we represent. This value might not be clear on the surface. ALC is led by Bill Brannen, who was the President of a specialized commercial lending subsidiary of a $90-billion Chicagoland Bank. He has the intellectual and underwriting capabilities to understand and orchestrate a financial solution for some of the most complex projects. We specialize in funding businesses options at the small to mid-market level.

We also utilize our national network of direct lenders to provide financing options and solutions that meet our clients' specific needs. We only work with direct lenders across the country who are familiar with Aggressive Lending / PFC Commercial Group’s philosophy and understands the needs of our clients.

We have the knowledge and capabilities to help fund your commercial business…We can help you get things done and done right.